This Is Why Brisbane Family Lawyers Is So Famous!


We are here to listen!is a boutique Brisbane law firm that provides professional and competitively priced within the sphere of family law. When demanded liaise with auditors, tax agents, bankers and lawyers. We’ll supply you will practical advice to help you solve your matters in the sensible and most cost-effective way. Prior to 2005, Andrew had experience in general practice areas such as wills, succession law, litigation and estate administration, and agency issues.

You are falsely accused, Cudmore Legal could attack your accusers situation with enthusiastic intensity, making sure that the fact comes out in Court and that justice is done. BP & KS: Advising a customer who, against our powerful information at a time when his companies were ailing, had forced a care agreement under.

Complications appear, including difficulties in relation to service on the party and also problems that could arise in relation. Alecia has practiced exclusively in family and Brisbane Family Lawyers defacto relationship law and before her role at the Ipswich office was a recognized Brisbane family lawyer. Contact us today for more information on our solutions and how we could help guide you.

If you are offered a free appointment elsewhere, the chances are you will be acquiring one size fits all” advice. Subscribe to Obtain a FREE copy of A Guide Michael Lynch, by Family Law Specialist containing information. We take part in the Queensland Law Society standards program which allows us to display the Cover Of Excellence emblem.

De facto property rights are dealt with in precisely the court and under the exact same legislation as married couples. Cudmore Legal will refuse to act for parents that educate us to alienate children from the other parent for no reason and strongly believes in kids. We have helped tens of thousands of Australians throughout the family law procedure. Your time is precious – so we would like to be sure we’ve done our homework.

We deal with all facets of family law such as custody disputes, separation and domestic violence. Rebekah’s team of North Brisbane family lawyers Support and will help you. In Queensland, most family law is covered under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), Child Support Act and Domestic and Family Violence Act 2012 it is possible to access them yourself, but working out where to look for replies can be a bit like a maze.

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